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As they say, the only constant in life is change and over all these years we have seen much at HLG. In order to evolve as a true global player in its field, HLG has learned to embrace change, not resist it. We have faith that neither beliefs nor politics should cause a slowdown to the dream of a better life.

From the historically traditional environs of Montreal to the more dynamic playground of the Far East, HLG has transcended times and trends to achieve the many milestones it now boasts. Today, HLG not only acts as an immigration and investment facilitator in and out of Canada, US, UK, EU, Hong Kong and Singapore, it is also a well-recognized and respected business law entity within the Asia Pacific region.

Since its establishment, HLG has facilitated around CAD 2 billion in investments to the Canadian economy alone. As it continues to grow, HLG's outstanding success rests squarely on the cornerstones of its organization.


HLG's foundations are deep rooted, given the strength and ability of its team. Over time, HLG has evolved as a major international entity in the legal services sector.


By virtue of its experience that spans two decades, HLG is recognized as a responsible and highly reliable legal services provider, backed by renowned expertise, exceptional resources and a sound reputation.


As a fundamental principle, HLG operates in a clear and well-defined manner. HLG's transparent and ethical practices are inviolable and the foundation for trust and loyalty with its clients.

In summary, the strength of HLG stems primarily from its well-recognized and respected expertise as well as authoritative and well-defined approach towards legal services based on quality, time-honoured practices fused with a corporate culture that emphasizes and cultivates a client focused attitude. Simply and precisely put, HLG is a veteran, yet pioneering; firmly grounded, yet progressive.